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It is not everyone that needs on site security every day and I often have enquiries from people who want something less regular or even bespoke services.
One of our most popular is our Vacant Property Inspection Service. This is ideal for customers who require more flexible security arrangements combined with our usual reliability and professionalism.

It is often a requirement of insurance policies, for example, that vacant properties are regularly inspected. By using our Vacant Property Inspection Service you can save the inconvenience of travelling to the property yourself and gain the peace of mind that your property is safe and you have complied with your responsibilities.

Everybody knows that mobile technology has become a crucial part of our lives and increasing amounts of data and information are stored on mobile devices such as smartphones and laptops. These devices are designed for mobility, of course, so they are frequently used outside an office or home environment.

Anyone using mobile technology needs to follow specific safety procedures to keep data safe from prying eyes.

The National Cyber Security Centre is a part of GCHQ and has issued these five tips to help with keeping your smartphones and laptops safe:

1. Use your devices password protection. It may seem obvious to use a complex PIN or password but many devices do not automatically enable them to work. In which case you will have to turn it on to activate it. Some devices have fingerprint recognition but again this needs to be activated.

Now I know that having the locks changed is a serious hassle but there are some circumstances when it is absolutely the right thing to do.

Here are 5 reasons why you really should get those locks changed:

1. You’ve lost your keys. It happens to the best of us. Unlikely as it sounds, there is a possibility that they have been picked up by someone who knows where you live and has criminal intentions. Call a locksmith and get those locks changed.

2. You move into a new property. You have no way of knowing for sure who else has keys to the place so get the locks changed.

3. You have recently been burgled or there are signs of an attempt. It is surprising how many people do not think to get new locks in such an event. Don’t take the risk.

I am sure you are aware by now of the imminent introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations and the impact they are likely to have across a wide spectrum of data collection, control and protection.

One important area that has been identified is surveillance by CCTV. As this involves recording personal data, the images of identifiable individuals captured on its footage, it falls within the remit of GDPR.

Our security colleagues, the Allcooper Group, have looked closely at this and the information I am presenting here is based primarily on their findings and is published with their permission.

I read this week that research by Churchill Home Insurance has revealed that almost half of all burglaries are carried out on three-bedroomed homes.

The research also disclosed that the properties most likely to be targeted are semi-detached houses. End of terraced properties comprise 28% of break-ins, although there are fewer of them than inner terraced houses which were burgled less frequently.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the research revealed that people living in ground floor flats are twice as likely to suffer a break-in as those living in first floor accommodation.

In the past financial year, there was an average of 470 burglaries reported every day throughout the UK. The total of 171,527 was an increase of 2% on the previous year’s figures.

As I have said before, at Glevum we are always keen to involve those of our community with disabilities or health issues wherever possible. To this end we have signed up to the government’s Disability Confident scheme and have already achieved the level 1 grade known as Committed.

To do so we have agreed to comply with these commitments:

1. We ensure our recruitment process is inclusive and accessible to all. This involves things such as providing information in large print formats to avoid discrimination against people with sight issues.

2. We communicate and promote vacancies, involving Job Centre Plus and other recruitment organisations and advertising our vacancies through a variety of different channels.

We were recently asked to run a series of SIA (Security Industry Authority) CCTV (Public Space Surveillance) and Door Supervision courses for Campus Life Services at their University Campus in Stoke on Trent.

Derek Martin was the Manager concerned and he and his team arranged for 36 learners to take these courses between July and October. The result was a very impressive 97% pass rate and the client was extremely pleased.

Here’s what Cheryl Pritchard their Operations Manager had to say:

Glevum Security provided all the SIA training for our in house team. Derek was extremely accommodating and responsive to our particular requirements which enabled us to undertake training whilst running the business day to day. Andy, our trainer, was exceptional and the quality of the training given was second to none, as proved by the high pass rate! The communication at all points of the process was clear and Liz was an absolute superstar managing the administrative process and ensuring we had everything we needed before, during and after the training.

I am a great believer in the old business adage that a motivated workforce will carry out a better job, resulting in the client feeling satisfied and keen to use your company again.

Glevum certainly has plenty of satisfied clients – just take a look at the Testimonials page on our website!  Part of the reason for this is undoubtedly the result of us having a happy and motivated team of security officers.

We believe in rewarding a job well done and having trust in our staff.  That is why we pay them above the living wage and provide regular ongoing training to help them keep up to date with the latest legislation, technology and industry trends.

They also benefit from working in an excellent environment alongside other professionals they know they can rely on, together with having a uniform supplied, company pension, insurance and holidays pro rata.

Steve represented the company at a special night recently.  The Going the Extra Mile (GEM) project celebrated its first birthday at Pittville Pump Rooms in Cheltenham.  It was also celebrating getting its 100th person into employment.

The aim of the project is to provide support to help 1,000 people with a variety of difficulties into employment.  GEM represents a wide range of sectors including volunteer organisations, communities and public and private businesses, all supporting people back to work.

Do you remember me telling you about our nomination for the Corporate Social Responsibility Award in the 2017 Gloucestershire Business Awards last month?  

Well we only went and won it!

Since the summer, press stories about the perceived terrorist threat in the UK have reduced.  Does this mean that the threat has gone away and what is the impact on Gloucestershire?

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